Fernando & Debbie Salazar of SmartLife Audio Video
Fernando & Debbie Salazar of SmartLife Audio Video

This past week, CRJ had the opportunity to sit down with Fernando and Debbie Salazar, the husband and wife team behind SmarLife Audio Video in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Q: When was SmartLife Audio Video created?A: SmartLife Audio Video is a new name we created when we opened our retail store Nov. 5th, 2014 our corporation compu.tec which owns SmartLife has been in business since 2000 when we first entered into the consumer electronic business.

Q: When did you get started in the electronics business?
A: Fernando started in Electronics in 1990 as a Radar Officer in the United States Marine Corps.   He followed his passion for electronics after getting out and started our own Custom Audio Video company in Miami FL for 10 years before selling and moving to Colorado over three years ago to be near family living here and continued our passion.

6Q: What do you most enjoy about small business ownership?
A: The freedom of following our own passion, dealing with and listening to our customers one on one and giving back to the community by having the ability to create jobs as we grow.
Q. You have a massive T.V i (85″) in your showroom and we hear there’s something pretty special about it, can you elaborate? 

A: We are currently the only dealer in Colorado that is displaying the 85″ Sony 4K TV  more than likely because we love our career and embrace that it is all about innovation and Sony realizing our passion and energy expedited our approval for the 85″ 4K TV ahead of others.
We encourage you to visit SmartLife Audio Video by visitng them in person at 858 West Happy Canyon Road #115 Castle Rock, CO 80108. You can also check them out online at