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Meet Grand Master Han Lee

Castle Rock’s Man of All Seasons

Taekwondo Grand Master Han Lee

I scheduled a meeting with a man I have come to admire, intensely. I first met Grand Master Han Lee at Castle View High School, on a Saturday evening, in October 2017. Many, yes many students of all ages and ranks were entertaining a bleachers-filled crowd of parents, neighbors, and spectators. I had the privilege of photographing the event. Having a background in Tai Chi and Qigong myself, I was intensely intrigued by the respect this man received from his students. What impressed me even more, was the respect the Master returned to his students. Recently, I was thrilled at the opportunity to sit with Master Lee for a brief interview and discussion. This discussion evolved into an emotional, close to tearful moment of friendship. One of the by-products of martial arts is discovering existence in the moment. We were there. In the moment. We shared a powerful, spiritual moment in time.

Taekwondo Dojang

I arrived at the Taekwondo Academy around 4:30 in the afternoon. While awaiting my much-anticipated meeting, I decided to sit in the guest area outside of the Dojang, the formal meeting place between student and teacher; it is a space set aside by tradition. Around 6:00 PM, Master Lee, a man about my height and stature, came around the corner at a fast pace, apologizing continuously along the way. I assured him that it was not a problem. I was enjoying myself. It was apparent that everyone is seeking time with Master Lee. I could see why. He is a Grand Master of Taekwondo, a man of great humility, and a true human being filled to the brim with love and care for others. Who could not be attracted to such a person?

As we walked into his office, Master Lee continued to apologize for my wait. My wait? I was blessed to be in such a place. I was in the presence of animated Grace. I was thoroughly enjoying every moment of this trivial delay. Taking a seat, I continued with a little small talk about my contentment. This went on for a couple of minutes as I pointed out many of the things I enjoyed about being at the Castle Rock School of Taekwondo. I then asked my first question, “Tell me a little about yourself?” He leans in, as if he was entering into a sacred space of which I began to feel we both were suddenly sharing. Han Won Lee began to tell me, in summary, his story.

Castle Rock
Chamber of Commerce
“Citizen of the Year”

Grand Master Lee was born in Korea of what he described as, less than modest means. Yes, he and his family were poor (there is a life-lesson here). In his younger years he was able to come to America where he grew in his love for the martial arts. His training and skills found him in the Olympic Games in 1988, where he won the Bronze Medal. He served as coach of the U.S.A Taekwondo Team for 10 years. Castle Rock has an Olympic champion in its midst. Today, with the help of dedicated and skillful instructors, his schools of Taekwondo operate in Castle Rock, Centennial, and Aurora. He is an immigrant to our country who has not only discovered the “American Dream” but dedicated his life to living it so he can give it to others less fortunate. Thus, the real, and the genuine story of Grand Master Han Won Lee.

As the conversation moved through the years, the sacred space we seemed to share suddenly became filled with enthusiastic emotion. He began to share with me the outreach programs he has dedicated his life to; a passion for teaching the life-skills of discipline, respect, integrity, and a “never give up attitude”. I sincerely experienced the passion, love, and care he has and he shows for the young people of today. He has a special torch in his heart for the many who he can relate to from his own childhood.

The “After School” Programs run for several weeks during the school year, with graduations in the Spring. His focus is on Title 1 schools. Two hundred students or more will attend the graduations. The Hallmark of Graduations will be the Aurora Schools. Ten schools will be represented. I missed two previous graduations, I intended to attend due to unexpected circumstance, but the Aurora graduation in May is on my calendar. Among his outreach works, Han Lee is actively involved with fund raisers for Children’s Hospital. All uniforms for the many in the “After School Programs” are purchased and and supplied by Master Lee. He gives much more than just his time and experience.

After sharing his passion for his schools and his outreach work, we easily slipped into a common ground of discussion. I didn’t grow up poor, but our commonality comes from life-changing experiences. I too, was an athlete, being a jockey in horse racing for several years. Other than our personal life challenging experiences that opened our hearts up to a higher love, we both suffer from the conundrum of wear and tear on our bodies LOL! I could have talk for hours, and I felt he would have done the same. I will say, as much in demand as this man is among so many, his time was totally dedicated to the attention of my heart and my ear, and I took in as much as I could. You should meet such a man; a man who IS the “American Dream”!

View the website here:

Emma Spears Concert

Save the Date!

We have a special treat coming up in Castle Rock in just a few days.

Emma Spears, Violinist Prodigy of Castle Rock, Colorado, will be offering a unique concert/recital presentation to raise funds for a European trip she has been invited to be a part of this summer.

This year, as a ninth grader, I have been accepted into the Denver Young Artists Orchestra which is an affiliate of the Colorado Symphony.  Being a member of DYAO, we have the opportunity to represent our country by touring Central Europe this summer and to perform in historic concert halls such as the Great Hall of the Mozarteum and Dvorak Hall.”

Please follow this link to read more about Emma and her goals:

Location and Time:
Sunday, March 31 – 4:00 PM
Christ Episcopal Church
615 4th Street – Castle Rock – 80104

Don’t Miss This Event!

Douglas County Tennis Introduced to Castle Rock

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with three local individuals with a passion to serve (no pun intended). Ben, Frank, and Nik, instructors with Douglas County Tennis have hopes of getting their message out to the Castle Rock public. With a passion for the game and the sport of tennis, sharing this passion with youth and adults alike is a goal of which they strive to attain.

Douglas County Tennis offers instruction, events, and character-building fun for ages 4 – adult. Castle Rock Tennis Director Coach Ben Wolfe is a high-level tennis instructor, as well as a fitness and health coach specific to tennis performance. Nik Bardossas is Head Youth Tennis Coordinator, teaching and instructing ages 4 – 18. Frank Ybarra, Head Adult Tennis Coordinator, is the facilitator of adult clinics and lessons. All have certification, experience, and professional application for all Douglas County Tennis offers to the Castle Rock public.

The Mission of Douglas County Tennis

“By focusing on the individual, we can give players a tennis experience that will keep them motivated to play all their lives.  Our programs are designed to instill a connection with each player, so they feel supported throughout their development.  Kids and adults alike, can all learn life lessons through the wonderful sport of tennis.  Whether you are training hard to be a top-level player or just starting out, there are many opportunities to use tennis to make us better people.  Our commitment to you is to provide these opportunities and give a solid foundation for your game to continually grow. You can get tennis instruction anywhere, but we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to give you the best experience in tennis that will leave you wanting to come back for more! I personally welcome you to our tennis programs and cannot wait for another year of building a tennis community we all can be proud of.”

Coach Wolfe: “I believe that tennis teaches important life skills such as responsibility, discipline, integrity and self-confidence. This is my third year as head tennis pro for Bison Park in Castle Rock. My objective is to spread my passion for tennis to players of all ages. I have been teaching and coaching tennis for over 13 years. My teaching philosophy is to provide instruction so that participants can understand and implement techniques that will improve their performance and make tennis more enjoyable. My instruction goes beyond tennis but is closely related. I have a background in conditioning related to injury prevention through exercise, yoga and rehab. My goal is to have everyone enjoy the sport of tennis for the rest of their lives.”

Calendar of Events

Douglas County Tennis has a “Calendar of Events” as well complete information about everything that is offered on their website. Be sure to check out the information on partnering as a “Sponsor” to offer support to this community mission. It has been a pleasure to introduce this athletic service and these extraordinary pros to our local Castle Rock Community!

See the Website Here:

A Visit to Origins Salon of Castle Rock

Where Do You Salon?

I paid a special visit to a unique business in downtown Castle Rock. Walking in I was graciously approached by a woman who introduced herself as Cheryl. I told her the reason for my visit and without hesitation, the person I had scheduled an appointment to see was promptly notified. Since it was a business, everyone was busy, but Cheryl, Origins’ Front Desk Specialist, took the time to give me a tour of the luxurious and spacious place. I was surprised, as well as impressed upon seeing so many areas which served so many purposes, from shampoos to massage. There seemed to be areas dedicated to the customer’s personal attention, comfort, and relaxation. I saw a smile on every face, even the one’s finishing up and leaving. Joy seemed to fill the place.

Welcome to Uncompromised Beauty!

“Origins Salon is located in the heart of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. Our tribe of enthusiastic stylists are committed to raising the bar in creating an optimal salon experience. Our market leading salon company seeks to build partnerships with our guests in order to provide a rejuvenating beauty experience.” Kim and Harmony had a dream. “To create not just a look, but an experience.” After working in many facets of the beauty industry, the vision became very clear to both: To be the industry leading salon woven into their community. A salon company that focuses on a world-class experience to revitalize your beauty; inside and out.”

Origins Salon opened their doors in August 2018. Origins is a full-service salon. Along with several professional Stylists, two Front Desk Specialists, Kim and Harmony have created a salon like no other. While visiting you will notice, aside from their gracious hospitality, a coffee bar, gifts, and special gift cards for purchase. Having grown up in a “Beauty Shop”, as they were known when I was a kid, much has obviously changed. My mom had a coke and a candy machine in her shop (which I raided constantly). So, when you visit, be sure and allow Origins Salon to indulge you in all aspects of beauty and hair care. From hair to skincare, including organic essential botanicals, you will discover everything you will need, all in one place. Many have recommended this salon. I am sure you will as well. I recommend you pay a visit and see for yourself!

Experience Uncompromised Beauty!

“Origins Salon offers trend-driven professional products that help you take the guesswork out of what your put on and into your body to create effortless beauty!” When you visit, be sure and ask your stylist about a customized product consultation. Origins Salon is a respecter of health and the earth.

Community Support

Origins Salon is a proud supporter of Law Enforcement, Fire, and all Military Branches.

Visit their website:

Visit their Facebook page:

Location: 209 4th street – Castle Rock, Colorado

Is Your Health and Wellness a Lifestyle Choice?

A Holistic, Spiritual Lifestyle

Health and its historical linguistics can be traced back to the Old English, Germanic, or Old Norse. Meanings of language used from these beginnings include modern-day terms such as “wholeness”, “uninjured”, “of good omen”, “to heal” “happiness”, “welfare”, “preservation”, “safety” “holy, sacred”, even a “salutation” wishing one welfare and prosperity.

Wellness could be understood as a “concept”. Ancient concepts of wellness are rooted in intellectual, religious, philosophical, and spiritual dynasties. From ancient Greece to Asia we have traditional wellness concepts and practices such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicines interwoven with physical practices of exercise and form-movements guided by the mind. Hippocrates and ancient Roman medicines emphasized prevention related to environment and lifestyles.

It is commonly understood today, that health and wellness are a result of a lifestyle which may include our personal environments, foods, along with healthy, lifestyle choices. I wish to insert here, along with the aforementioned, are plant-based supplements, exercise, life-setting goals, and spirituality. You may have your own to add, and I hope you do. Always drink plenty of water and learn to focus on your breathing. Get outdoors and breathe fresh air. Build a healthy body and mind and the spirit will grow.

The Five Elements of Life

The header image above this article represents the “wholeness” of the five contributing environmental necessities of our world and of ourselves: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. To grasp a bit of an understanding of how each can contribute to a healthy and well person is the beginning of a beneficial result of wholeness and well-being.

Fire in the body can be represented as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis, simply put is your body’s ability to burn calories, releasing energy needed by the body to function in a balanced way. Bodily thermogenesis can be kept in balance with support from the other four elements. In Chinese Qi Gong, the Yin and Yang are a balance between the heart and the kidney. The elements of this balance include fire and water. Yin and Yang are the symbolic representations of our existence. One does not exist without the other, thus they are complete within and without themselves. They require balance for optimal wellness. Too much “fire” can lead to inflammation. The Water element is the yin which balances the fire.

Earth in the body can be represented as the matter of which our bodily structure forms and exists. It is of the Universe. We are stardust. We are carbon. The Earth element is a metaphor of our physical body, yet we are carbon-based, so it exists as well. The Earth element is the conduit of which all elements flow.

Metal in the body can be represented as our breath, circulation, and reproduction. Iron, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, and selenium are to name a few. All have a primary function to our metabolism and to our overall health and wellness. Our lungs (breath) govern our body’s chi energy as practiced in many holistic forms of ancient arts of Asia, and parts of the ancient world. Our chi is our bio-electrical energy flowing throughout our bodies via muscle tissue and even our bone marrow.

Water in the body can be represented as our emotional response to our environment. Our kidneys are related to the water element. In ancient Hebrew, the kidneys were believed to be the “seat and beginnings of our emotions”. Water is the element which helps keep the fire in our body balanced. The two are the yin and yang of the Earth element’s balance. In a more practical sense, water is the fluid that is a part of all elements and thermogenesis in the body. The human body is largely three-quarters water. Water washes, cleanses, cools, warms, and even smooths out the rough spots in the body. Feel emotionally disturbed? Drink more water!

Wood in the body can be represented as our digestive system. The liver and gall bladder are related to the Wood element in ancient arts of health and wellness. We could include our intestinal tract. Plant foods are great sources of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll, all of which have significant functions in the human body, from synthesis to healthy cell replication. In relation to the Metal element, the intestines, gut, or abdominal area assist with the development and storage of our chi energy. In modern science terms, Oxygen + Glucose = Chi Energy. On a cellular level, it is all about cellular respiration. As in a plant’s photosynthesis, energy is provided to a cellular level by converting glucose into ATP energy by the burning of oxygen. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the currency of intracellular energy transfer. Aerobic exercise is supportive to the health of this function.

Live Healthy and Well. Set Winning Goals!

In summary, the human body is interconnected to all things, of the Earth and of the Universe. We all know this, but do we all believe this? All of the Five Elements are interconnected, interactive, intersupportive, and holistically “One”. To become the best we can become, requires the most unique, yet least understood of all reasonable philosophies; a lifestyle of balance in all areas of our life. Our minds, our bodies, and our spirits are what makes us whole.

Mind, Body, and Spirit are the triad, the trinity of our nature. Take your vitamins and minerals and live healthy and well my friends.

Images provided by Gary Godfrey Photography

A Former Jockey’s Lament

You just washed up from the previous race, put on new silks along with clean goggles. You stand around chewing the fat with the other riders and your valet brings your whip after saddling your horse for the next race. The Clerk of Scales shouts out, “Let’s go Jocks”. You walk out into the paddock area and make your way to where your mount is anxiously waiting. You shake hands with the owners, have a word with the trainer and await the call. The Paddock Judge calls out, “Riders Up!” You bend your left knee, the trainer grabs your ankle and as your horse is prancing off, he legs up all 110 lbs. You buckle your helmet, fit your feet into your irons and find your seat. The trainer hands you off to the pony rider with a “Good Luck Jock!”

As you enter onto the racetrack with the other eleven horse and riders, the bugle announces the call of the post parade for the following race. You make your grandstand appearance and then off for an eight-minute warmup, after which the outrider shouts to line up and head to the gates. Behind the gates the pony rider hands your horse off to one of the gate crew, who keeps your horse turning in circles attempting to keep the anxious animal calm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it’s your number to enter the gates the gate worker turns, aims for your number’s stall and trots you in. The back doors lock up and you hopefully can sit quiet inside the cage while the remaining field of horses are loaded. You have a twelve-hundred-pound, high-strung animal on which you sit. This is courage time. As the old-timers would say, “Take a deep seat and a far-away look!”

The gates rattle from horses anxiously bouncing around. The sound of a jock yelling, “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Another shouting, “Not yet boss!”. The gateman stands inside the stall helping to keep your horse settled by turning its head into his lap. His risk is a great as any rider confined within the small cage. A wound-up, high-strung horse can explode at any time. Many injuries are sustained in the starting gates. A horse in the starting gates rearing and flipping over backwards is a jock’s worse nightmare.

Your horse’s eyes are wild with anticipation. With an attempt to maintain a relaxed attitude, you may look over to the rider next to you and say something like, “I’ll bet ya a beer I beat ya!” You hear one of the gate crew shout, “One back!” You turn and look as the last horse enters the gates. It’s only a moment now before it’s all hooves and dirt. There is moment of silence, barely enough time to grab a little mane, cock your right foot back for stability and “Ring-g-g-g”, the gates slam open and with a burst of power, “They’re off!”

In moments your moving at 40 miles per hour. Heading towards the first turn you allow your horse to settle into position. Hopefully it’s where you wish to be, or maybe you’ll need to hurry your horse a little to get better position before the turn. The turn is where a race can be won or lost…among many other factors. Other than the sound of thundering hooves and sand hitting your goggles, all is quiet until you race into the turn. You attempt to set your horse into the left lead. Horses bounce off one another as a jock shouts, “Get over”. Another shouts, “Get the hell off me!” This is one reason jockeys ride with stirrups so short. It avoids your feet from getting knocked out of your irons in the close quarters of a horse race.

You come out of the turn, set your horse back into its right lead and take a breather. You scan the landscape to estimate the movement of the horses in front so that you can position yourself for the last turn. The closer to the rail, the more ground you can save. The more dangerous it can be as well.

Coming out of the final turn, you enter the “head of the stretch”. If you have timed everything well, you have room to make your stretch run. The sound of cracking whips, shouts, the heavy breathing of horses are overcome with the roar of the grandstand crowd, which never fails to inspire a new burst of energy. You cross the finish wire either first, second, third, or even last. The race is over. A minute and a half is packed with a lot of events. For a veteran jockey, speed can become slow motion. It may take a half mile to get your horse slowed to a stop. You steady your tired mount to a walk, turn, and gallop back to where the trainer and your valet are waiting. If you won, you go into the winner’s circle. Otherwise, you dismount, pull your saddle, weigh out and head back into the jocks room. You have ten minutes to prepare for the next race.

You have just followed along with me in a horse race. The action is non-stop. The thrill is always in the air. Only an injury can sideline this excitement…but only for a while. Then you get too old, or too sore, or you just become burned out. Your life is always in the hands of something other than yourself.

Feature Image: Last major race I won…1995. Retired soon after.

Gary Godfrey retired from horse racing in 1995. He has been a resident of Castle Rock since 2013, living in Colorado since 1998.

Epic Crawfish Boil Coming to Castle Rock – March 2nd, 2019

It’s official. Castle Rock is getting an annual EPIC Louisiana style crawfish boil kicking off Saturday, March 2nd 2019 kicking off at 11AM.

The event is happening in celebration of Mardi Gras which will be held at Burly Brewing Company located at 680 Atchison Way.

The crawfish will arrive alive from Louisiana on March 1st and be cooked with onions, lemons, sausage, corn, potatoes. The crawfish will be cooked in a spice blend mix and let them soak once cooked to absorb all of the flavors.

The 1st annual Crawfish Boil is the joint creation from 4 local businesses owners who have an equal, uncompromised passion for this delicious southern tradition and great parties.

Sean Hakes is the Founder & CEO of CRJ, George Goodman of Burly Brewing Company, Beau Wimberly of Rocky Mountain Precision Services, and finally, Brandon Cant from the amazing Coast2Coast Food Truck.

Crawfish not your style? No worries, Brandon Cant from Coast2Coast Food Truck will be there to serve up Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Cajun Shrimp, Tacos with Mango Salsa, Red Beans and Rice with Sausage, Bread Pudding with Rye Barrel Aged Rye Porter Caramel Sauce!

The festival will be accompanied by live entertainment from Grayson Little, games, events and much more.




BY THE POUND: $14.99

The event kicks off at 11:00 AM. Make sure you show up early, and hungry and will continue to go until the crawfish runs out!

This event will happen regardless of rain, snow or shine! We look forward to seeing you there.

Who is Mr. Castle Rock?

John Manka - Mr. Castle Rock
John Manka, Owner of 1-Stop Auto Speaking at DC Networking Event at Wild Blue Yonder Brewing.

John Manka is the Owner of 1-Stop Auto in Castle Rock, Colorado and is commonly reffered to as “Mr. Castle Rock.”

Feature: Castle Rocks and Jewelry

Before moving to Castle Rock, I made my living in the rock and mineral business. I shared store space with a friend in the little community known as Glen Haven, Colorado. My passion was buying and selling precious and semi-precious gemstones, minerals, fossils, and many other types of mineral specimens. I cut my own stones for my settings. As a silver smith, I fabricated my settings for my finished stones. Business was good. All was washed away in the floods of 2013. Thus, the story which brought me to Castle Rock at that time. So, it should go without saying, that when I first saw the sign, “Castle Rocks and Jewelry”, I had to take a look for myself. This is what I discovered.

Walking into Castle Rocks and Jewelry, the overwhelming feeling of being “at home” hit hard. Turning left and turning right, the mineral specimens, flash of cut gemstones, the gold, the silver, the glass displays were speaking to me. Even if you are a novice, they will speak to you as well. I had the sense of being able to find something of high quality from any genre as well as any price range. Pendants, rings, and bracelets of a Southwestern style to high-end fashion jewelry of necklaces, rings for wedding and engagement, to perfectly high-grade gemstones for special settings; most everything for most anyone. “Castle Rocks and Jewelry is a unique store offering minerals, fossils and a wide variety of Jewelry at all price points including bridal and loose stones.” All diamonds are “GIA” (Gemological Institute of America) certified.

Castle Rocks and Jewelry opened its doors to the public December 6, 2017. Isi and Jennifer are the dream owners of this local jewelry store. Jennifer has fifteen years experience as a jewelry designer. Her husband Isi is a diamond broker and gemstone aficionado. Travel takes up much of his time. Aside from their own designs, other artists work is on display.

A Passion for Jewelry

“At Castle Rocks and Jewelry, our accredited staff is dedicated to our customers. We help you create the perfect moment by assisting you and guiding you towards that special piece of jewelry that translates exactly how you feel. Not only do we capture those special moments in the jewelry we create, but we can uniquely tailor any ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, or earrings to make it fit your lifestyle.”

The aesthetics are inviting and the displays are easy to view. Shortly after I entered the store Jennifer greeted me with a comforting smile. It was obvious she has experience working with customers from lookers to inquirers. Of course, having been in the business myself, I was not much for talk initially, which was immediately understood. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. Soon we began to share backgrounds of the business. The smell of my own machines running and the silver soldering kept escaping my memories of the days in my own shop. I was at home. I will return often, if for no other reason than to talk shop!

“Our mission is to create and preserve memories that are captured in jewelry”

Services offered include cleaning, repairs and adjustments. Custom jewelry design is a specialty. Don’t forget their layaway and special order options!

Castle Rocks and Jewelry is located at: 3990 Limelight Suite C Castle Rock, Colorado

You can visit their website at:


Top Engagement Ring Styles for 2019

Top Engagement Ring Styles of 2019

An engagement ring is one of the single most important pieces of jewelry that anyone will ever buy or wear! It is the ring that you’ve dreamt of your entire life, every time you walked past a jewelry store or looked at pictures of newly engaged couples in your favorite magazine. It symbolizes the love that two people have for each other and should capture the overall tone of your relationship. With so many styles to choose from, including halo rings, solitaire styles, three-stone rings, and many more, the options for engagement rings are virtually endless. In the past year, certain styles have risen in popularity. Let’s take a look at the top 5 engagement ring styles of 2018.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone engagement rings can be reflective of your personality, and truly tell a story about who you are. Whether you prefer morganite, sapphires, or rubies, the fact remains that a gemstone engagement ring is absolutely breathtaking. Unique in their own way, such as John Atencio’s Signature Morganite Ring, a gemstone engagement ring is one of the top styles of 2018. In this style, an attention-getting gemstone is surrounded by smaller diamonds that add plenty of sparkle and fire. Whether you choose to have the gemstone of your choice be the main focus, or choose a center diamond with gemstone accents, colored gemstone rings have been one of the top choices of the year. Let the ring be reflective of your tastes, as there is no end to how they can be designed. When you have a gemstone engagement ring, you will know that your ring is definitely one of a kind.

Three-Stone Rings

Ever since Prince Harry put that stunning three-stone engagement ring on Meghan Markle’s finger, soon-to-be engaged couples everywhere have been searching for this simple yet elegant design which features three diamonds on a simple band. Whether you choose a round cut, princess cut, or any other diamond shape, the beauty of this engagement ring style speaks for itself. The three stones are typically around the same size and are the same shape, with each one complimenting the beauty of the others. 

Solitaire Round Cut Rings

Solitaire Round Cut Rings

As one of the top styles of 2018, this is one that certainly has some staying power! The solitaire round cut ring is classic and simple, showcasing one beautiful stone that symbolizes your love. This ring is perfect for those who want an elegant look with one special stone that represents everything wonderful about their relationship. The brilliant cut shines almost as bright as the love of the one who wears it. 

Rings of Rose Gold

Rose Gold Rings

Gaining significant popularity in recent months, a diamond or colored gemstone set in rose gold is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It breaks tradition, yet does so gracefully. For this style, you can have the stone shape of your choice, in a style that matches your personality for a look that will be admired forever. It doesn’t matter if you choose a solitaire ring, a halo ring, or a ring with side stones, as there is no wrong way to wear this style.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Ring

This style has always been considered beautiful and is certainly one of the top styles of 2018. With its classic and timeless look, the vintage engagement ring is unique and conveys the message that love has no beginning or end. This ring can be set in the metal of your choice, with any stone shape that you prefer. Its style is elaborate yet appealing, dating hundreds of years. The look is as unsurpassable as the person who wears it!

Looking for more ideas? Check out today!