Wouldn’t it be nice if small-businesses only had to pay for advertising that generated a sale? With CRJ, that’s now possible for many.

“CRJ is launching a new trial marketing & advertising product that charges the business, only when a confirmed sale has been made from our efforts,” said Sean Hakes, CEO of CRJ.

The concept of affiliate marketing isn’t something new. Essentially, affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement between a store and a publisher like CRJ who is paid a commission for a direct sale generated through their efforts.

“Affiliate marketing is a win-win. The advertiser only pays when a sale is generated, and the publisher has the opportunity to make significantly more than a marketing fee if they drive enough sales, and residents of Castle Rock get informed about products and services they didn’t know previously existed,” Hakes added.

Additionally, CRJ is opening up its partner program to local influencers who can get paid for promoting local businesses in, and around Castle Rock.

If you’re a local small-business in Castle Rock and are interested in applying to CRJ’s performance-based marketing program, please email Please include your company name, email, phone number and a link to your website.

If you’re a local influencer who is interested in being paid for promoting local businesses throughout your network in Castle Rock, you can apply online here.