Castle Rock, CO — Spanning the distance of six city blocks, the soon to be, world’s largest digital billboard could soon land itself just outside the Castle Rock city limits, along I-25 in unincorporated Douglas County. The proposed sign is said to ‘dwarf in comparison’ the Outlets at Castle Rock sign and cost in excess of $14.34 million dollars.

The billboard’s massive size shatters previous records with more than 345,000 square feet of canvas. Additionally, atop the billboard will contain 100 individual 200,000 watt bulbs pointing directly at the sky which will project the ‘CRJ’ logo utilizing the sky like an enormous projection screen.

The new billboard was built using the Honda Civic, Diamond Vision display technology using a pixel density of 100,984 X 340,230, making it the highest resolution outdoor LED video display in the world, of this size, dwarfing 4K ultra-high definition by 34.8 billion pixels.

In addition, the CRJ HD digital billboard features the highest contrast LED display in the galaxy. The billboard has wide vertical viewing angles ensuring everyone in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico have clear views of the display when in bright sunlight, or at night.

Because of its location in unincorporated Douglas County, on private land, no approval was needed with the exception of the FAA for the vertical facing lights, which was approved just two days ago.

For more information about the CRJ Worlds Largest Digital Billboard in the Milky Way keep an eye on the CRJ Facebook Page.